Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekend Update on Tuesday

In the past few days, we've had a few notable things happen. Primarily, the return of Dan and Sage from Orealla. Dan came back, only to leave again to go back to England. Sage is going to stick around for a bit, until a little after the Zone Visit (Zone Visit this weekend! Woo-hoo!)

Also, Sam has left for Suriname to get his visa extended (which I got a call from him today - he made it through without a problem. Lucky punk.), after which he'll begin his switch over to the Chinese congregation in Georgetown.

So we had a few fun days with most of the guys back together. In particular, POOL!

By the way, I've found out recently that all these guys either read this blog, or have friends/relatives that read it. So if you are a friend of one of them, I have a message you need to pass on to them.

Wear the eye patch.

Okay, that's all for now. Sorry. I'll try to do more Friday.


  1. Wear the funky, funky eye patch! FOTC! I'll let Sage know. :-)

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  3. hello josh, My name is william seth. We are a family from Wisconsin that is anxiously awaiting to here from the branch in Guyana. We wrote to find out were we could be used. In the meantime we have found your blog( and others) and have enjoyed reading them very much. We have so many questions on so many things, I was hoping it would be ok if we could e-mail you or you me
    (williamseth70@gmail.com)on occasion. we would be very grateful if you could share anything we might need. Thanks in advance. The Seth Family

  4. wear the eye patch, bret. wear the funky, funky eye patch!