Friday, January 28, 2011

Q & A Part Two: Field Service

Part two of the Question and Answer installments. This time it'll be all questions relating to field service. To start with:

Q. Are you assigned an individual territory like in Athens?
A. Actually, no. Everyone meets in the morning at a pre-arranged place in the area we'll be working that day. One brother keeps track of what's been worked, and schedules service for the next week. This is written on a paper that gets posted at the Kingdom Hall. Then when we meet in the morning, whoever leads out directs us which specific roads we work.

Q. How big is the territory, and how often is it covered?
A. We have a fairly small territory (it takes about half an hour to drive from one end to the other). It's all one main road, with occasional back roads, so it's easy to keep track of where you are in it.

Because of it's small-ish size, it gets worked every six weeks. The reason there's such a need for preachers here, though, is because it's not worked thoroughly. Everyone has so many studies and calls that we can't keep track of any new calls. So the territory gets worked, but we still need a lot of help.

Q. Is it hard to find people home?
A. When I was living in Brighton, we got so many people home (friendly people) that it was entirely possible to spend all morning in service and cover just three homes. In Hopetown, it's not quite that good. But we still get a lot more people home than you do in Athens.

Q. Do you do street witnessing, phone, business, etc?
 A. Businesses are just done along with the rest of the territory. Street witnessing is done very often (there's groups for it two afternoons per week).

Phone witnessing is not done at all. Almost everyone uses cell phones, so it'd be expensive to try to call a lot of people.

Okay, that's all for the questions. If you've got anymore, feel free to e-mail. It's always nice to hear from everyone!


  1. Ha, found your blog! You got some fun pictures, especially the 'titanic' inspired one at the end. Glad you have Sage back to keep you company. I'll be posting my Orealla pictures soon. Hope all is going well in Hopetown!

  2. Grandma is proud of you and I love you and miss you. Hope you're having a great time!