Monday, February 28, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different....

Well, guess what I finally got to do again?
Visit Brighton!

It's been half a year since I moved over to Hopetown, so it was great going to the Brighton meeting again. I went because one of the couples living there, missionaries named Todd and Barbara Hollenbeck, had recently been reassigned to another congregation, so there was a going-away party for them (kind of sad most of the parties I go to here are going-away parties).

I figured, make a day of it and go to the meeting and all. Speaking of the meeting:

GREAT Watchtower lesson! My favorite thing about it was everyone made sure that they had prepared the songs in advance, and due to that, the singing was loud. It was like being back in North Athens!

Unfortunately, I had only told three people I was coming to the meeting, so most everyone else was mad at me for not saying ahead of time. Despite that, countless people were offering me lunch (yay!). What I finally wound up doing was going to a family's house, the Adams (yes, the Adams family. Stop laughing.). I don't know all of their names, but some were Daniel, Shemeniel, and Samuel (yes, Samuel Adams. Stop laughing.)
They ended up having a bunch of people over for lunch, and then shortly after we walked to the house where the party was going to be so we could help set up for it.

Dania Sharpe, Joshua Adams, Airmika Gaxiola, and some kid whose name I never got. This is in the Adams' home.
Joshua is a very hyper-active kid, so people kept yelling "Joshua, quit it!" I'm so used to hearing that, I kept assuming they meant me.....

Some members of the Adams family (I hear you laughing! Quit it!) kindly preparing more food for the guests who were there, and....
.... the youngest of the Adams, who seemed very interested in my camera, to the point that he kept grabbing it and moving it while I was trying to take pictures.

Anyway, the party went over nicely, and afterward the Sanches' invited to just stay the night with them, since it's a bit of a journey between Brighton and Hopetown. There were six people there that night (two Sanches' and four guests). That was a very fun night/morning.

 And now for something completely different....

On Thursday, I'm leaving for a while. In the interior there's a town called Lethem, and along with that there is a congregation and a smaller group nearby. Many times it's hard for them to come up to the coast for the assemblies and such, so every year the Special Assembly is taken to them. This year the Assembly there will be on Sunday, March 6. Many of the brother and sisters along the coastal areas will go down to support the assembly, to give talks, etc. So this year I'm going down with Tom and Michelle Sanches, and then after the assembly.....

We'll be going to a group of three villages nearby Lethem. As far as I understand it, one of the villages has been preached to before, but not for a while. The other two have never been visited by Witnesses.

So taking into account the Assembly, the preaching, and the traveling involved, we're probably going to be gone two and a half weeks (it may be shorter, may be longer). So expect total silence from me for that period of time.

So for now, bye! Hope to be back soon to tell you about it!

...... but not too soon.


  1. guess what

    any advice? ^_^

  2. Hi Josh,

    I'm Dania Sharpe's (yes with an "E") mom. I found your blog through hers. I really enjoyed your stories and Q&A. You kept mentioning Athens i'm going to assume not the one in Greece right? Anyway, hope you're enjoying your stay in Guyana and if you're ever in Pennsylvania know that you have friends to visit here.

    Danna McIntire (also ends in "E" - lol)

  3. Really? You had to choose THAT picture of me?? Is this payback for the one I put up of you? :-P

  4. But you did that in ALL my pictures of you....

  5. True, true. I guess that face is just a reflex when I see you. Teehee ^_^