Thursday, February 24, 2011

Q & A Part Three

Okay, round three of Q & A. Quite a variety of questions this time around.

Q: What Do You Do For Entertainment?

A: The primary thing is: Movies. Almost all people who come here fill up their hard drives with movies and TV shows. Movies are the need-greater currency. Seriously, they are. When Tom Sanches drove me from Brighton to Hopetown, which is an expensive trip, he had me pay him back with five episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Another thing I personally do is play the guitar that Micaiah left behind here. It's named Jezebel. She's shown here being "played" by one of the Hopetown Boys, Jehu Cadogan (yes, it's Jehu and Jezebel).
 In case you're curious, the chord he's playing here is a Em7add11/A. Really, it is.

Surprisingly though, I really don't have that much spare time that I need to fill with entertainment. I have six calls of my own that require preparation, plus seven that Micaiah left behind for me to do while he's gone. On top of that there's the usual personal study, meeting preparation, cooking, cleaning, laundry, service, etc.... I've been kept pretty busy, which I'm glad about.

Q: What Are The Movie Theaters Like, If Any?

A: There is one movie theater, which is in the capital, Georgetown. It used to be an Opera House or some such thing. It can hold nearly a thousand! Tickets are $200 GYD ($1 US), and you see two movies. There's one screen, but they always do a double feature. I've never personally been there, on the basis that whenever I'm in G/Town they're showing garbage. But several others have gone, and said it's an amazing place.

One other thing that they have in Georgetown, which I HAVE done, is this....

Me, Sage, and a few others came here a few hours after the Zone Visit was over. That was a lot of fun. There was no jukebox or anything, like any good bowling alley SHOULD have, but the place was providing it's own music. It started off as Jamaican rap, but slowly it turned into Duran Duran and A-Ha. I have no idea how that happened.
(taaaaake ooooon meeeeee....... Take! On! Me!)

 Me with one of the sisters who was in our bowling group, Dania Sharpe (does it have an E on the end or not?)

Q: Is There Anything To Do Close To Where You Live Besides Climb Coconut Trees?

A:  Well, to get to the beach/Atlantic Ocean from my house, you turn left and walk three minutes. So that's something to do. One thing that happened recently though: We're in the middle of rainy season right now, so we're getting some serious flooding. Two days ago, Aaron Bakhsh comes over and says "Wanna fishing?"
So we did.
We were wanting to take some pictures, but there was way too much mud and water, and our cameras would've been pretty well destroyed. Mainly since this was net fishing, so to do it we were walking waist high through the aforementioned mud and water (plus, frequent slipping and tripping).
However, a little while later I walked back to where we were to take some pictures, so you can at least see the flood we're getting.

Q: Any Good Calls?

A: My best one is a man named Anil, a bicycle repairman. I like visiting him because he has the best questions. Another good thing about him is he actually uses the Bible when he asks questions. For instance, on a recent visit, he asked me if God foreordains everything, and then he read Ephesians 1:4,5, and then Romans 8:28-30.

THAT was a fun question to research (and no, I'm not giving you the answer)

A while ago I was scheduled to give the talk "Does Thomas Exclamtion at John 20:28 Prove That Jesus Is God?". A few days afterward, I went to visit Anil, and he asks me "Are these two scriptures saying that Jesus is God?" Then he read John 1:1 and John 20:28.

So, I wrote out the talk, and shared it with Anil. Then a few weeks later, I deliver the same thing at the meeting. That was very convenient.

Q: Can You Understand The People Yet?

A: Wha'u mean gyal? Da creole be easy fer speak 'n hear mon!

Q: What's The Food Like?

A: When I first decided to come here, everyone - myself included - was worried that I wouldn't eat anything. Everyone knows how picky I am regarding food. Well, I come here, and...

...I love it all! I have found ONE Guyanese dish that I don't like.
Generally, the food is inspired by Chinese food, with some Caribbean influences. If there's meat in it, it's either Curry or Pepperpot. But actually, meat is surprisingly rare. The easiest way to describe Guyanese food is presented in a simple chart below.

50% Vegetables
10% Fruit
10% Spices
25% Oil
5% Meat

Another staple of the Guyanese cuisine is called Roti. It's generally a breakfast thing. Just picture a thick floury burrito wrap. One other popular thing is called Bake. Really, it's a piece of Roti cooked like a doughnut. It's heavenly (Doesn't that sound fantastic?! A thick, deep-fried burrito?!)

The best thing about the food here, hands down, is the way they eat it. Here's a photo demonstrating....

The only way they ever use silverware is if there's guests over for dinner.

Well, that wraps it up for today. Remember, if you have any questions, feel free to pass them on. It's always good to hear from everyone. I like getting updates about Athens and Ohio just as much as you like stories of Guyana.

For instance, I keep hearing a lot about Dick Kasler and his illness these days. But I also hear that he's kept giving talks on the meeting.To Kasler: Keep up the good work!

Too, I've been told about all sorts of people in Athens that I've never met. Who is this Mike and Sarah of whom you speak? And then of course there's the new Wilson and Phoenix that I have yet to meet....

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