Monday, January 24, 2011

The Great Hopetown Migration

An interesting development: One month ago, Hopetown congregation had gotten up to six white boys- Sam, Micaiah, Me, Levi, Dan, and Sage. Since then, Dan and Sage have moved over into Orealla, and Levi went back to Ohio.

So this left me, Micaiah and Sam. But then, news came around that a Chinese group is trying to start in Georgetown, but they only had one brother, a ministerial servant, to take the lead in it. Not only that, but this brother had started learning Chinese three weeks ago! So this group is in need of serious help. As it turns out, Sam Peden had been in a Chinese congregation once! Without hesitation, Sam called up the brother to see about joining. Things are apparently working out and he'll move up there as soon as he gets back from an upcoming Suriname trip. Now they'll have TWO servants instead of just one.

It seems that there have been many attempts to start a Chinese group in Guyana, but there's never been enough people to support the group. Which is a shame, because Chinese is a huge field here. There's entire towns and suburbs of Chinese who move in, but there's been nobody to preach to them.

Until now.

So anyway, after Sam decided to move out, it's left just me and Micaiah in Hopetown. But then, Micaiah found a cheap plane ticket home, so he plans to rush to Ohio for two months to work and enjoy the snow, and then come back in time for the Memorial here.

So beginning February, I'll be the only white boy in Hopetown. This will be the first time in years that this has happened. Although Sage is going to come visit for a week in February, so I guess it doesn't completely count.

Speaking of Sage visiting, here's why he's coming to visit:
February 13th, we'll be having a Zone Visit! To describe simply what this is, it's like a National Convention. Every Witness in the country is invited to one really big meeting in Georgetown. I promise there'll be a blog entry all about it, with plenty of pictures.

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  1. Just as a clarification: Josh was told ahead of time to get used to hearing "Hey White Boy!" It is what he is referred to by the residents there.

    Kind of like American GI's in asia being called "Joe"

    That's what he meant by the reference.

    Looking forward to pics of the Feb 13th event - my baptism anniversary, by the way...