Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Goodbye Levi & Sage

After a full month, the time has come for Levi Schulz and Sage Lamoreaux to depart from Hopetown.  Levi is heading back to Ohio, while Sage has managed to extend his stay another month and a half, but he will be switching over to the Orealla congregation (along with Dan Grazier). So I just wanted to use this opportunity to be able to share some of the unique things they've been able to experience. Number one:

Climbing the dreaded Coconut Trees!

(To be fair, this is Levi's third time in Guyana, so a lot of this stuff he's already done. But it's still fun.)

The dangers of the coconut tree....

And on the way back, we ran into this snake.
Surprisingly, this is THE FIRST snake I've seen since being here.

Another thing we got to do was visit several congregations, some nearby, some far away. The funnest was Fyrish.

And this is a couple in Fyrish who are from Chile (they even invited us to go snowboarding next winter in Chile with them)
Fernando and Cindi. They actually learned English just so they could come to Guyana to help preach.

After the meeting in Fyrish, we decided to join the field service group that was going out. Unfortunately, they were working a far-out territory, and they hadn't initially intended for us to work with them. So this was the solution:
Four fit in the trunk quite nicely.

Then of course, we have the recent Suriname trip. This is a park right next to a river. Fantastic view, and more cheap food than you can believe.

(okay, so a lot of this is stuff I've already talked about. I'm mainly doing this because I just got a hold of all Sage and Levi's pictures, so I'm spreading those around now)

Now we move on to the recent Orealla trip. The boat ride there:

 You can ride inside it, sling up a hammock and all, but that's not half as fun as riding on top of the boat all the way there. That way, you get to see views like this:

Sunset in Orealla

Followed by sunrise in Orealla

Since the Orealla trip, we've had a little time back home to enjoy.

Me and Sage cooking dinner


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