Monday, October 10, 2011

2011 Circuit Assembly

Quite a few things have happened in the past week and a half. Here's the highlights.

1. Went to the capital, Georgetown, with the Youngs for a few days. One of the things we did was.... actually, lemme just show you the picture and see if you recognize this place.

Something else you can do inside that building....

Something we discovered that you can do with the chalk:
We call this "The Luminous Nose". Which, come to think of it, would be a fantastic name for a restaurant in downtown Athens.

Shortly after this, the Dinoo's came back from Trinidad, which meant it was time for me to move back in with Micaiah.

Five points to anyone who can tell me what's changed about this house.

So, moving on to....

We had the pre-Circuit Assembly Pioneer Meeting this past Friday, and it was at the Palmyra congregation. It was packed.

Cool, I just noticed a new way to put the pictures up.

One thing that was neat for us all was being able to meet our new District Overseer. One of the things he talked about at length was the various benefits from the recent merging of the Guyana/Suriname/Trinidad branches. For instance, the branch is located in Trinidad, which among those three countries has the most resources available. So the primary effect of this merger has been brothers from Trinidad being sent in to high-need areas of Guyana. For instance, our District Overseer himself (Lemuel Smith) is one of those brothers. Also, Season Dinoo, one of our two elders here in Hopetown, is from Trinidad.

Actually, this subject was expanded upon at the Circuit Assembly, which was the following two days. In the part "Giving Attention to the Needs of the Circuit", our Circuit Overseer Shannon Rainey told us that Guyana has recently been put on the list of "Lands With Limited Resources". The effect of this is our National Building Committee has basically been done away with, and we now are under Trinidad's.... jurisdiction? Doesn't seem like the right word, but it's the best I can think of right now.

But anyway, Brother Rainey said "This is in fact a very good thing. Now that we have the support of the Trinidad branch, we will begin building like never before!"
Which we can already see coming true. Hopetown congregation will be getting a new Kingdom Hall in just a few months!

Well, the build will begin in just a few months. It'll still take quite a while to build. But still...
We're very excited about this. Our hall was built when there thirty people attending. We now average over one hundred per meeting. So the chance to get a new hall (and possibly help build it) is something I'm very excited about.

On another note, I discovered possibly the most relaxing way to have a Circuit Assembly.
In this picture, you can see people sitting in front of me, after that is the stage, and after that is what I like to call "the ocean". Is there any better setting for an assembly? (okay, is there any better setting besides London Assembly Hall?)

...and here's a few shots of what the rest of the place looked like.

Baptism pool. Three baptized, with a Saturday attendance of 809, and a Sunday attendance of 1,071!

I think, though, one of my favorite things about the past weekend, with the pioneer meeting and the assembly, was the chance to see lots of new faces.

Including some familiar ones....


  1. Awesome post Josh, sounds like you've been having a blast. Man, that bowling place suuure looks familiar!