Sunday, October 2, 2011

Life In Bush Lot

As I said previously, for a short time I've been staying in the home of Brother and Sister Dinoo while they're in Trinidad. The house is in a village called Bush Lot, which is within walking distance of our Kingdom Hall. It's a quite nice house!

One interesting design feature of houses here is that the aim of the houses are to allow air to circulate freely. For instance...
The best thing about living in Bush Lot is it's the largest village in our territory, so it's where most of my calls live, which has made it extremely easy to keep up with said calls. It used to be I'd go by one of my calls, and they'd say "Sorry, I'm busy right now. Can you come back in an hour?"
So that made it a bit difficult. Either hang around accomplishing nothing for an hour, or reschedule for another day. But while I'm living here, if they ask if I can come back later that same day, it's very very easy.

One great call I have right now is with a man who lives two streets away from where I am now. His name is Amid, and he's been a Hindu all his life, but he's recently been getting interested in the Bible. He has a particular interest in death/resurrection/reincarnation. He's been having lots of odd questions which have had me studying constantly.

So anyway....
Micaiah Young's mother and brother both arrived. At this moment I'm in Georgetown with them. We just got back from bowling/playing pool. I'll have pictures in the next blog post (Translation: I didn't take my camera, and I'll need to get pictures from their camera.)

Since they won't be here very long, there was special effort to make sure they got to have a share during one of the meetings.

We have some neat things coming up. This Friday will be a Circuit Pioneer Meeting, followed by the Circuit Assembly.
Immediately following that, we have a joint Circuit/District Overseer visit.

So 'till then,  (note to self: Add wise parting words here before clicking "Publish Post")

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