Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Convention and more!

I must admit, I was never too fond of the vocal renditions of our new Kingdom Melodies. But now, I absolutely love them.

Okay, I realize that's an odd way to start off. I'll just fill you in on what's been happening recently, and you should understand by time I'm done.

As stated, I got here in Guyana on Monday, and I've been staying with a couple named Tom and Michelle Sanches (pics of them soon). On Tuesday, me and Tom went to the site of the upcoming Convention, because he's overseeing the cleanup. Yes, this place was in such bad condition that we were going to be cleaning Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Thursday. The previous Sunday, there had been some sort of fair or and exhibition, and the grounds were torn up.

Despite this, we were able to clean up and get the stage built very quickly. Unfortunately, no sooner had the stage been finished, a storm came. Rain, wind, lightning, etc. Wind was blowing so hard that the stage was literally ripped apart before our eyes. Everything was turned to mud, and the places that were already mud became worse. So we spent 3 days working through this. Finally on Thursday, the rain stopped. The clouds parted and the sun began shining through. Then, we heard singing. The sounds guys had finished hooking up the speakers and were playing the vocal renditions of the Kingdom Melodies. After going through all that for three days, and suddenly, right when everything clears, the first thing we hear is song number 2 "We Thank You Jehovah". All of a sudden, those songs were the greatest thing I'd ever heard.

Now that I've gotten that explained, here's some shots of where our convention was.

That's the complete seating area. They were expecting almost NINE HUNDRED people there. Needless to say, you got smushed in between people a lot. Also notice, the bleaches have no backs. So you had to lean forward the entire time, or sit back against the legs of the people behind you.

Now, one of the amazing things about this convention; as I said, they were expecting 900. So, here's the attendance numbers.
Friday: 848.
Saturday: 924.
Sunday: 1,332! Yes! One thousand, three hundred and thirty two!

There are many other things that were exciting about this convention, including an experience I had that was so awesome it must be told in person. So when I get back, remind me to tell you a story I call "Chris Hayes and the Scooter". It includes British people getting electrocuted (they're fine), a jumping donkey, and a flash flood!

One more thing before I finish. Here's a picture of what field service in Guyana looks like! The guy on the right is Tom Sanches.


  1. Electrocuted British and Jumping Donkey are both great names for a rock band.

  2. Hi Josh!! Love the post.
    Are you driving a motorbike yet?? Love the looks of this one. :)
    Keep the stories coming. It makes us feel like we are there.

  3. I haven't been to a lot of them, but outside conventions without backs on the bleachers are my favorite kind. It means you're with your brothers & sisters in a cool country! Great post!