Sunday, November 30, 2014

Further Adventures of JW Broadcasting!

Gonna be totally honest, got no good pictures to go along with the stories this time. So here's a photo of the typical attendance at an Orealla meeting.

Unrelated pic alert!

Now then, as you may remember from the last blog entry, we've been trying to ensure everybody here gets to see both the JW Broadcasting videos that have been released. Our initial attempt was showing the videos at our Kingdom Hall, as I'd shared the photo of. Most of the congregation was able to attend and see them, but there were a few unable to make it. In addition to that, several publishers in our hall had studies and calls they wanted to share it with as well. So we copied the files onto Kojo's laptop and either took the video to the people's homes, or simply invited them to our house to watch them all.

Probably my favorite experience from this so far comes from a man named Martin. He's studies off and on with the Witnesses for years, but has never quite been able to become a Witness himself, despite now being in his 60's. Unsurprisingly, he's rather upset about this.

So a few days back Kojo invited him to our home and played the October video for him. Of course, this is the one where they interview the man who got baptized at the age of 87, and even now at 91 is serving as a regular pioneer and a minsterial servant.

After the interview finished, Martin turned to us with a huge smile and said "I'm just a teenager!"
And has not missed a meeting since.

Unrelated picture of a huge tree! And Kojo!

Another man named Frederick, of a similar age, has recently begun studying. For a while he's been viewed in a negative light by most of the village, but a few months ago he suffered a stroke and was sure he was going to die. Amazingly, he's recovered completely, and is now attempting to change his life but is still overshadowed by his past.

This man too viewed the interview of the 91 year old man, but the part that caught his attention was the man saying how his old friends couldn't believe the change. "He's a Witness, and baptized? Why if he can do it, anybody can!"

Of course following that interview is the music video of how serving Jehovah is the best life ever. Both of those put together seemed to have an impact on him. In fact, he'll be coming to our house in a few hours for a Bible study, so hopefully we'll have a chance to show him the November program as well.

So that's been a lot of the week. Tracking down each person associated with the congregation here and ensuring everyone gets a chance to see it, whether special pioneer or fresh student. Now we're just planning on how to get the December broadcast so we can do this all over again next month. It'll likely involve Charlie or I leaving the village to go to the coast where we can get more reliable internet. Takes a lot of bandwidth to download a 55-minute High-Def video.

And to conclude, I'll share another unrelated picture of two-year old Kate wearing a pair of tiny John Lennon sunglasses.

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