Monday, April 28, 2014

Thus Endeth the Visitors

I've been having a ridiculous amount of people coming to visit lately. This past week was no different.

There was an assortment of people from Trinidad who have been serving in the Skeldon congregation, which is the closest hall to us in Guyana (in other words, it's only seven hours away). Their time in Guyana was coming to an end, and several brothers and sisters in Skeldon suggested they should visit Orealla before leaving, so last Tuesday two of the sisters came down, accompanied by Amy Norbaum (who you may remember as being the one I ran into at the Miami airport whilst coming here: along with a deaf sister named Niasa and a few others who were born in Orealla but have moved out to Skeldon for various reasons. The two from Trinidad were only able to stay for a few days, after which they had to leave, along with Melanie who was going back to Micaiah's hall until she leaves for the States sometime this week. The other six though (Amy, Niasa, Denzel, Dylan, Alyssa, and Anne) stayed around until yesterday night.

It was neat because Niasa was able to prepare four different comments for the Watchtower study. If you've never seen it done at a meeting before, basically the deaf sister raises her hand, and the microphone goes to whoever can translate for her. I also managed to nab a picture of the notes she read her comments from.

When it finally came time for the Skeldon crew to go, there was a fair amount of hullabaloo. The sendoff lasted two days. First night, movies.

(There is a second screen connected to the laptop. We weren't all hunched around that dinky screen)

The next night was.... uhh, this. Whatever this is.

So this was the final piece of the never-ending parade of visitors we've had since I arrived. I doubt I can even remember them all.

Walter, Shawn, Joshua, Dian, Zandile, Dustin, Olivia, Melanie, Carys, Alonso, Justin, Amy, Avian, Niasa, Alyssa, Denzel, Dylan, Anne, and Tophirah. So long y'all, you'll be missed.

And those are just the ones I remember off the top of my head. However, next Monday Kojo will supposedly be returning from Bible School, so I'm not sure if that will restore things to normal, or whether life here will remain a constant mishmash of craziness.

I sure hope so!


  1. Wherever you go, there is craziness. I wouldn't be worried about things being normal.

  2. What an exciting adventure you are having! Thank you for sharing this with all of us. Your enthusiasm is greatly missed here. Looking forward to the next post! :)

  3. You hope what, that things remain a constant mishmash of craziness or that things return to normal? Would you be happy with normal? I love your blog and I love you Grandma