Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Greetings From Guyana

Airline travel. Without fail a fascinating endeavor. My flight yesterday from Columbus to Georgetown, Guyana was a fairly simple one. Leaving Columbus at 9:40 AM, going from there to Charlotte, North Carolina. From there to Miami, Florida, and then from Miami to Georgetown. Simple enough for international travel.

Except the first flight was delayed by one hour. Thus, immediately upon leaving that plane, I booked it over to the gate for Miami (which was conveniently placed on the opposite end of the airport). With a scarce ten minutes to make it all the way across, I stumbled into the  C12 gate gasping and panting, whereupon I was told that the Miami flight had been delayed. So I suddenly had an hour to kill.

So when the plane finally lands in Miami, I now had ten minutes to find the gate for Georgetown (no directions or anything was printed on my ticket, since I had at this point switched airlines). I finally figure out where I'm heading, and it is of course conveniently placed on the opposite end of the airport. I find the gate, and go through customs again. During this process (you know, empty your pockets into these plastic tubs) someone accidentally whacks one of the plastic tubs, which goes flying. Not a big deal, since it was mostly empty. Except of course for my passport, which went flying along with the tub.

After a few minutes of searching, we find it, and I resume the run to the gate. Upon arrival, I realize that the ticket was on Guyana time, and rather than only having ten minutes to get there I actually had over an hour, and I was well ahead of time. Phew.

While trying to find a seat (which was difficult since I had now spent the last 12 hours traveling and jogging - nobody wanted to sit near me) I suddenly see a sister named Amy whom I had met during my first trip here. It turned out she was heading for the congregation closest to where I'm heading, and she had already hired a taxi, so she offered to let me ride along and get dropped off on the way.

It seems far to good for it to be coincidence that the daily text that morning was "Never be anxious".

And so, at 12:45 AM this morning, I arrived at the home of Tom and Michelle Sanches, whom I will be staying with until Friday, after which I depart for Orealla.

(And no pictures, because seriously, me remember to get pictures?)


  1. Love it!! I'm looking forward to more of your stories. :) Nat

  2. Hope all is well... your mom said you have no internet service there. Looking forward to reading about your adventures when you blog again!

  3. Dear Sunny, I missed the poll. I would like all that was listed in the poll AND also tell us about the food experiences. The bugs the snakes the animals.
    We miss you not. If we did you'd have to come back and we'd miss out on the wonderful life you are living. Keep it up.