Saturday, January 11, 2014

And My Assignment Is....

So the only question that has remained regarding my upcoming Guyana trip was, where will the branch request I go to? This is a very important question, since it obviously determines where I will live and how long I'll be able to stay.

Thus, you can imagine my incredible joy when the branch wrote to me and asked if I would be willing to serve in.....

(drum roll)


(drum roll)

Come on people, I'm not feeling it. I want a drum roll I can hear from where I am right now!

Ah, that's better. Okay, my assignment is to the congregation in Orealla, which you may know from blog entries I wrote after two previous visits.

Orella has long been one of my favorite places in Guyana, and I had even considered moving there before but couldn't due to circumstances. So you can imagine I'm thrilled to be getting assigned there finally!

I'm not sure of the state of the congregation, but last time I went they had about 30 publishers and one ministerial servant, with no elders. I believe their situation has improved considerably, but to what degree I do not know.

Now, I know y'all always like pictures, so I'm going to display some of the scenery in the area that I'll be soaking in daily, along with a few shots of the Kingdom Hall and the house I'll be in, which I didn't share before on the blog.

Ah, and of course, sunrise in Orealla.

I leave Tuesday morning! Can't hardly wait!

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