Monday, November 7, 2011

The Wedding of Rishana Bakhsh

About the most exciting thing happening recently around here was..... a wedding! One of the pioneer sisters in our congregation (named Rishana Bakhsh) recently got married to a Canadian brother named Randy Wade.

I didn't personally attend the wedding, because they wanted two or three people to stay behind and keep watch at the place they were having the reception. But as far as receptions go, it was pretty standard. However, it did give me a chance to get pictures of people who usually shy away from the camera! First though, shots of setting up...

They also had this neat place just outside....
This was actually on the fourth floor of a hotel, so there's a bit of a view of downtown Georgetown....

Okay, now as I said.... pictures of people and stuff. I suppose it only makes sense to start with the two the whole wedding is about....
Randy Wade and Rishana Bakhsh.... I think it would've been cool if he'd changed his last name to hers, instead of vice versa. Rishana Wade sounds okay, but Randy Bakhsh is awesome.

They had a huuuge wedding party. Too many friends between them I guess.
And now, bunches of other people!
Morlon and Jehu Cadogan (unless noted, the people are from Hopetown)
 Here we have....
Micaiah Young (sporting his new white suit), Season Dinoo, and Tim and Claire Johnson from Rosignol, our bordering hall.

Here we have one of our Ministerial Servants, Claudius MacAlmont (Br. Mac) and his wife Carmen.

Now for..... the Hat Gallery!

So. That was fun.


Now, as for the poll:
The correct answer, how many vowels appear most in the Bible, the majority were in fact correct! E is the most frequently appearing vowel. O is second.

There's a simple way to find this out. You can even get the exact number!
Tinker around with it, see if you can find out how.


  1. hehe i was thinking the same thing about the last name.

    * i was wondering ... it looked like 3 of her bridesmaids were in wedding dresses also. is that a tradition there?