Saturday, November 13, 2010

Trip To Suriname; Circuit Overseer Visit

If you'll recall, the purpose of the trip into Suriname was to see if I could get a new visa, since the 3-month visa I got when I first came was about to expire. So as not to keep anyone in suspense.... I got it! I'm in for another 3 months here if I so choose. Now though, for some Suriname pictures, as promised.

The boat you take to get from Guyana to Suriname.

The neighborhood we stayed in.

The reason I REALLY love Suriname!

An good example of the food they eat there. It's an Indonesian recipe (and it's VERY good.)

A neat park area, right next to a river whose name escapes me at the moment....


Now for some pictures of the new house (again, as promised earlier)

Here's some shots of the interior, taken while standing in the doorway of the front door.

Here's my room.....

And two more shots of the main area, taken from in front of the sink:


Okay, enough of that. Now, on to spiritual stuff! We are currently having our C.O visit (actually, just a few minutes ago we had our Pioneer Meeting). The names are Ramon and Martha Budden. They're actually substitute Circuit Overseers, and special pioneers serving in the ASL congregation. They also were just invited to attend Gilead, although it remains to be seen if there's anyone who replace them.

Picture time!

Here's two shots of the field service group from this morning:


Hmmm.... since I've still got some time and space, I'll introduce you to the brother who's now living in the house me and Micaiah used to live in. His name is Sam Peden, and he's been serving in Guyana for over a year. There's been nothing about him on this blog yet because he'd gone back to England for 2 months, at the same time I came to Hopetown.

Yeah. This picture tells you everything you need to know about him.

And here's a friend he brought back with him. That's right.... we've got ourselves a newbie!
This is Dan. As far as I know, he doesn't have a last name.
Which is fine. NO ONE here uses last names.

This is during field service. Monopoly (an un-authorized Monopoly board. You can tell because it names the creators as the "Paker Brothers")


Inside Joke Alert!!

"Thrown into Russian cell. Severely damaged my Mars Bar."

Inside joke completed


  1. ???????????????????????????????????????

  2. Not an inside joke, just a boring old Monty Python quote. Ho-Hum.....

    ...And just WHAT is that whistling noise???

  3. Didn't Parker Brothers make Monopoly? Why are you playing Monopoly during field service anyway?