Monday, November 1, 2010

Been Quiet.....

Just realized it's been a while since I've updated this thing. I haven't really had an opportunity to make it to the Internet Cafe'. To give a run-down of what's been going on recently:

Spent a few days in Georgetown so my roommate could get some paperwork done for his soon-to-expire visa

Preparing to move (which will be tomorrow. Eek.)

Almost got hit by a hurricane (Thomas, I think)

We also just had a really big cleaning day for our hall. The brothers had spent weeks reminding people about this, announcing it at every meeting for at least 2 months, reminding people "Saturday, 9:30! October 30th!"
So Saturday, October 30th comes around. I make it to the hall at 9:20 (Yes! I made it somewhere early! All by myself!) Nobody was there though. I thought "Well, they still have ten minutes to show up."





Then, 10:30, people arrive. Punctuality isn't a strong suit around here.

But to give you an idea of what "Kingdom Hall cleaning" is here, lemme give you a word-for-word example of one of the announcements. One of our elders, Linel Brown, says " if you could bring whatever cleaning supplies you have please. Rags, mops, cutlasses, poison...."

One of the more interesting aspects of cleaning was: Bat-proofing. The way you do this is you climb on the roof, and peel it up to let sun shine in. This scares the bats living under the roof, and they fly away.

I was also assigned to rip out the plants growing inside the ceiling.

Unfortunately, despite what's been going on, for some reason I don't have any good pictures! So sorry this is so short, hopefully next Saturday I'll have something. If nothing else, I can show you pictures of the new house....


  1. We will leave the things growing in the eaves for you to clean when you come home.