Monday, October 24, 2016

Moving Where the Need is Greater

One frequent email you'll receive when writing a need greater blog is people seeking advice on how they can do the same thing. It also seems if you google, searching for blogs by need-greaters, nearly every single one has a page telling people how they can do it.

Honestly, that surprises me a little. Our publications are jam packed with suggestions that are way better than any of us could ever give you. Obviously I'm not here to supersede those publications or claim I can give suggestions more helpful that what's already been published. My blog is just to share experiences I have and have seen others enjoy. If you're interested in this lifestyle, here's where to look.

Publications Index, link to every need-greater related article
Online Library, results for search "Where Need Great"

By far though, the #1 question I get is about how you can support yourself as a need-greater. People seem to want specific advice on how to maintain employment, either online or via coming and going from native country to overseas assignment. To which I say, again, view these links.

Experiences of need-greaters in Tahiti, Benin, Taiwan, Dominican Republic, Brazil, the Philippines, and Mexico.

And if that isn't sufficient, read these.

Matthew 6:32-33
Psalm 37:25
Psalm 94:14
Hebrews 13:5b

Consider too, Romans 8:25. Naturally this verse is usually applied to far distant promises, but it can just as well apply to the immediate future. Maybe you don't see where your next paycheck is coming from. Maybe you don't see where your next meal is coming from. But you know what? You don't need to worry. This verse is used in the Insight book under the heading "Hope". A few excerpts...

"Hope is indispensable to the Christian. It accompanies joy, peace, and power of holy spirit ... It enables the Christian to endure with rejoicing, no matter what the conditions may be ... It is closely allied with the greatest quality, love, for one having the true love of God will also have hope in all of God's promises."

Take a few minutes/hours/days and give these a read. Even if you don't plan on moving where the need is greater, you'll at least get better reading out of those articles than you could ever get from this blog.

Of course, feel free to continue reading this too. But at the end of the day, all I can really offer you is a poll.


  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

  2. Hi Josh. Catching up on some reading and found this blog entry to be excellent. I have noticed the same thing.... Nice suggestions from the friends, but the best advise - from our Fafher and Mother! I like how You brought it together in a neat package .... So even though we already serve where the need is greater in Belize, i think i might suggest this for a family worship... Look up these articles. It will be greater encouragement, fortification, and reminders. Great job defering to the things written. Thanks! Elli, goodnewsgabby