Monday, May 30, 2016

From March 'Til Now

Alright, so clearly it's been a little while since I've personally updated my own blog. I have my excuses for this.

First off, my parents were here for a month and during that time my dad was updating enough that I decided to enjoy a slight sabbatical. After they left, the cell phone company determined it was the right time to experiment with our tower, so signal has been.... elusive, to say the least. I've composed many, many emails and sent them, only to realize the message didn't send until a good few days later. I don't know how the signal is deciding when to work and not to work, especially since sometimes one site or app will work while others won't (or even specific areas of sites and apps. For instance, I can see direct messages on Instagram just fine, but pictures on the main page will not load. Period.)

The additional trouble that happened is something mysterious misfired in my phone, and I have lost all my pictures (except, strangely, screenshots. That folder is doing just fine). Seeing as I gave up use of a regular camera upon receiving this phone, this means that I have no photos to share with you. Well, okay, I have the one that I just leaned outside to take so I could share at least something with you.

Pulitzer Prize for Photography, here I come!
Before closing off, a few random thoughts:

I recently was given a five year, multiple entry visa for Guyana. Meaning excepting unusual circumstances, I should be allowed to remain in Guyana (or even come and go) up until 2021. This came after much work and frustration on the part of the Trinidad branch, for which I shall be exceedingly grateful for a very long time.

We have a new regular pioneer in the congregation, but of course I haven't got a picture, so you'll just have to imagine.

If you really really want to see photos, I do have an Instagram account which has a few lovely pictures, and a plethora of poorly shot ones.

And seeing how short this is, I really should've at least put some hidden message inside somewhere. Apologies.

But on the upside, we're having our District Convention soon (July 1-3) so maybe I'll remember to record good stories from that to share. Until then, if you think of anything you'd like to hear about, lemme know. Because I'm all out of ideas. Obviously.

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