Sunday, April 19, 2015

Updates on the Work Camp

Been a while since I've given you all news about the guys at the work camp. So here goes...

After a couple visits out there, the holiday season rolled around. We had Phagwah (Hindu holiday) followed shortly thereafter by Easter. Due to these, most of the men were sent back home for a time. Only one man, Wazim the boss, was left behind to keep an eye on everything. So we kept returning to see him alone.

The only picture for this blog entry. Sorry.

Finally, the holidays passed. So after all the hullabaloo (holidays, Dustin's departure, Memorial, Circuit Assembly) on a Wednesday afternoon I made the trek out there alone to see Wazim and find out when the groups of workers were returning. I get out there and find a new man, alone in the place. I introduce myself and he tells me his name is Byron. I ask if Wazim is around, but he says "Wazim is gone. He's been sent to another place. I'm the new boss."

So I briefly explain what we do out there, how we come and talk to the workers and they take a few minutes (or more accurately, an hour) out of their day, stop working, and listen. I check with the new boss Byron if it's okay if I keep coming and doing this, and he mumbles an allowance, turns away, and continues what he was doing before I came.

Taking this an an indication of "I'm busy" I left. But my spirits were high. Even if this Byron doesn't seem too excited, he's still going to allow me to come preach to the guys that are interested!

The day after this (Thursday), a group arrived to do renovations on the Kingdom Hall and the Pioneer House right behind it. Naturally many from the local congregation have been doing what they can to assist. So one night as we were collecting sand from the beach for concrete mixing, I was pushing one of the wheelbarrows back to the Hall when I heard a man crying out "White man! White man!" I assumed it was a drunk man or something, so I continued. But I heard footsteps running behind me, so I turned to see if this was actually something important. To my surprise, I saw Byron.

He says "After you left I was looking through the house, and I found a book that Wazim had left behind. I began reading, and immediately I thought 'I have to learn more about this!' Can you come talk with me and teach me more about the Bible?"

"Um," I reply "Sure! When do you want me to come?"

"Tomorrow! Anytime. I'll be there all day." He went on to tell me that while he'd been reading the book, he'd gotten a call from his daughter who had attended the Memorial, and was telling him how much she enjoyed it and indicating to him that he should go there sometime.

So Friday morning, I set out for the work camp again. When I finally reach, Byron is nowhere to be seen, but there's another new man. He tells me Byron had gotten a call and had to run out, so he (this new guy, named Trayvon) had been left to keep an eye on the place. So I begin preaching to him, and he agrees to a Bible study. After a while there, I asked when I could come back and talk with both of them, Trayvon and Byron both. He says "Tomorrow!"

Saturday: I hike out to the work camp again. I get out there, and rather than seeing Byron or Trayvon, I see the man who first asked us to come out and preach to them. He and the other workers were back! So I begin talking with him for a while, before eventually asking about Byron and Trayvon. He says they've gone out, but if I come back later I'm sure to find them. I ask when, and he says "Later today! At 1 or 2!"

Therefore, after going back home, eating lunch, all that good stuff, I hiked out again, for the fifth time in four days. Upon arriving, I learn the two guys still haven't returned, but the other workers tell me "We have a new guy with us who just arrived. You need to go talk with him too!" I head over to where they're pointing and meet a new guy, the youngest one of the lot. I begin showing the magazines I have and whatnot, but he stops me and says "I don't really like reading very much. Can you just teach me and I'll listen?"

I begin explaining the subject of God's Kingdom and its relation to the Lord's Prayer and all, and just as I finish Trayvon arrives. So I talk with him again for a good little while. Finally when I finish, I ask when I can return. They say "Monday!'

So in addition to all the guys already out there, we've added three more studies to the mix. This little field continues to be my favorite part of the ministry here. For obvious reasons.

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