Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Guess What Weeeee Got?

Alrighty, so last blog update I told you I was beginning my vacation which was going to involve quite a bit of traveling. I've now returned and am back home, therefore it is time to inform you of what all I got to do. But first, I'm going to gloat. We've got this....

In case the picture is too small (have to resize them all really dinky so they'll load) what you're seeing here is a projector putting the January JW Broadcast up on our Kingdom Hall wall in super large hi-def. Obviously we're very excited about this, seeing as the last time we watched the Broadcast video it looked like this....

This time next year we'll have solid gold toilet seats. Just watch.

Anyway, my vacation. I went out to Mahaicony, a congregation neighboring my old congregation, Hopetown (for older Mahaicony stories, see here: http://nutso42.blogspot.com/2010/10/mahaicony-trip.html ). Frequent readers will possibly remember Melanie Wilson who spent quite some time in Orealla last year. Fortunately for me, she's a fellow Ohio expatriate, so I was able to weasel some luggage space out of her and got some stuff brought down for me. This time around she's been assigned to the Mahaicony congregation so I was able to make a few days of the trip. Stayed with a need-greater couple named Something and Something Gray (Chris and Jessica? Matt and Jennifer? Okay, so I guess I didn't talk with them enough). Also got to see their newly redesigned Kingdom Hall, which it just occurred to me is something that would've been really nice to have gotten a picture of. Ugh, one of these days I'll learn.

After my three days in Mahaicony, going in service, and doing battle with the Gray's cat, I then packed up and headed over to (where else?) Brighton to stay by Tom and Michelle Sanches for two days. Not only is it nice to be able to spend a few days with super spiritual and happy and positive and encouraging long-term full time servants, Michelle will usually let me borrow a book or two, which never fails to give me something to do on the seven hour boat ride home.

So I arrived back home at around 3 AM this morning, and I'm already awake! Need to make lunch soon.

Speaking of, the vegetables and fruits here are ridiculous. For instance, the pineapple is so sweet and ripe and awesome that you don't cut around the core. You just eat it with everything else. I had no idea that was even possible.

Additionally, just look at the okra!

That isn't overripe or spoiled or hard or anything like that. Perfect and ready for eating. Which is amazing for an okra addict like me. Only needing to chop up four okra for my whole meal? Incredible.

Okay, and that's it for this time. Next time around should be updates on Dustin's arrival, how the projector is working out (i.e. did we break it already?) and possibly some brothers and sisters from Mahaicony coming to visit after some advertising from me while I was there. We'll see.

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