Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Just Fun Stuff

I like to keep this blog light. And encouraging. And stuff. While still talking about the exciting/difficult/unusual things that go on. Of course, much of this has a spiritual perspective, seeing as the reason I come to Guyana is to preach and help the congregation. Every now and then though, you'll have a stretch of time where there's not a whole lot of stuff that's necessarily exciting or encouraging. Not that this is a bad thing, because that could mean I've been doing nothing but having fun.

And that's precisely what the last week has been for me.

For example, on Monday I went out to the coast in order to have access to really good internet and to do some light shopping for things. This also allowed me to do things which I get to do very very rarely in Orealla, such as watch YouTube, listen to internet radio, and basically use internet that is fast and doesn't cost me money based off how much I use. I spent the day at the home of a brother named Satish, who has many times opened up his family's home to need-greaters. Even now there's two sisters staying with his family, one from Trinidad and one from Oregon USA. Turns out I didn't see a whole lot of them since they were busy helping a missionary couple move. But still got to spend a small amount of time with them, and also do some useful things with my time. Like download the December JW Broadcast (which I haven't watched yet since I promised a brother I wouldn't see it until he was able to watch it with me. Stay tuned for that!) and also grab our magazine shipment for December.

Yeah, we don't get our magazines until halfway through the month we use them. Alas. You learn to adapt.

After I got back, there was another interesting development. I walked next door to a shop to get stuff for dinner that day when I noticed this thing in a nearby building which is still under construction...

Man, people will NOT stand still when you take photos...


 I naturally raced back home immediately to alert Kojo and Charlie about its existence. At which point we hogged the table all day, and into the night as well.....

SOME of us seemed to enjoy it a little too much...

There was also a small audience watching in hysterics. We were that bad...

Of course, THEY wouldn't sit still for the camera either!!

Seeing as you can only have two people playing at a time (since they only had two paddles) sometimes we had to find other ways to amuse ourselves while awaiting our next turn. Here was one of my preferred options.
This is five-year old Robert Hendricks (who studies with Kojo) teaching me a card game called "Tinks". He's got a career as a hustler should he so decide. Lulled me in with a seemingly simple game, then proceeded to absolutely crush me for five rounds.

So that's been what's happening lately. It's very nice knowing we have an easy distraction waiting whenever we so decide.

And since so many people have been asking lately, here's a picture of a monkey!!


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