Saturday, May 7, 2011

The End

Well, as many of you know by now, I'm back in Ohio. Have been for a few weeks now. People kept asking me to update the blog, but to be honest, I didn't really want to. I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to say in it.

"Well, I'm back! ........
Yup. I'm.... back."

So anyway, that's the reason for a delay. But finally I figured out something that'd be worth posting.

VIDEOS!! Some of the videos I took while I was there, I will now share with you.
(Note: These videos are not listed, which means the only way to be able to watch them is to follow this link, or save the URL.)

This first video is a panoramic shot of the Cricket Grounds where we had the District Convention in August 2010. This is right as we finished up the workday.

The second video was taken when I was standing on top of a nice big hill in Siparuta. This was from the first preaching trip in that area. Tom, Martin Miguel, and I. When we went, it had never been fully preached before. Now though, it's a regularly worked territory!

Up next is another video from the Orealla trip. This time it's showing what a great view you get from the Orealla Kingdom Hall!
The river out front (Courantyne) is where the bathing, laundry, and swimming all happen. It's also where the dishwashing water comes from.

Aaaaand for the final one: Zone Visit, closing song! Remember, the attendance there was over 5,300, but the total number of publishers in the country was 2,575! Which means in this video, you get to hear every single one of Jehovah's Witnesses in the entire country all singing together.

And that's all for videos. I have more, many more, but if I uploaded everything I have, this would be too long for anyone to read without getting incredibly bored.

Now then, for updates of what's happened since returning from Guyana. Well, after so long in South America, it seemed fitting that this was my first experience back in Ohio.

This photo was taken at London Assembly Hall. Fortunately, most of the work we did there was inside. And warrrm.

We were doing exactly what it looks like. We were painting the pool.

Steven didn't want to join in the fun.

Of course, shortly after this was our Circuit Assembly. Since then, my life has been field service, working for dad, and hiding in my room reading (I have a lot of library trips to catch up on).

So to summarize my entire trip, and my blog:
I loved it in Guyana, but I'm loving my time back here as well.
And I hope to go back someday soon. But not too soon.

Th-th-t-t-d-d-th-t-th-that's all, folks.


  1. Want to know how to embedd the videos within this post? It's easy.

  2. I'm totally borrowing (OK, stealing) your videos to show my congregation. Oh, I hope you don't mind.