Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Guyana Branch Tour, and Other Stuff

Me and Micaiah Young recently took a trip to the capital of Guyana, called Georgetown (it would be so much cooler if it was called Rupununi or something like that, I know). While there, we stopped by the branch office for a tour. Now, this isn't like a Brooklyn tour. At the Guyana branch, a tour involves being taken into each individual office and talking to almost every person who works there. For instance, we had a nice half-hour or so chat with the Service Overseer for the country, Edsel Hazel. We sat in his office, and he showed us what he does there, let us snoop through his office, etc. Then he walked with us through half the rest of the tour.

A shot of the lobby.

Edsel Hazel's "Master Map". When you can actually see it (unlike in this picture) it shows where all the congregations in the country are, the names, which ones have Kingdom Halls, etc.

The door on the left is where you walk in from the lobby. The door straight ahead takes you into the offices of the Branch Committee. And the door on the far right is a bathroom.

They keep their garage very tidy.

The nicest lawn in the country, hands down.
By contrast, here's what the rest of the capital looks like:

The be honest, there's not a whole lot else going on. So, some bits and pieces that I never got around to sharing.

(1) The best meal I've had in Guyana so far:

This..... is  IGUANA CURRY!!  It's Gr-r-r-reat!

(2) The place I go for Internet (which is where I'm at now) was a movie theater/cinema that was abandoned in the 1950's. A lady bought it and converted the Projector room into an Internet Cafe' and small bookstore! They broadcast a wireless signal, so if you bring your own laptop you can just go and sit in the auditorium! I love it.

The last picture there shows the "bookstore" part.

(3) And somehow I neglected to mention the thrilling story of: How I got from Brighton to Hopetown! Well, the whole story can be briefly summed up by one picture:

I'm so happy I got one last shot of the scooter in here.

..... aaaaand that's all I've got for now. HOWEVER: Exciting stuff happening this weekend! A group from the Hopetown congregation is heading out to do seldom-worked territory with a congregation called Myconi (named may be misspelled). There's a big village that you can only reach by heading down a dirt road in a bush truck, so we'll be piling in and heading down. We'll likely be able to work it all in a day, but it still sounds like some terrific experiences waiting (and oodles of fun, too.)

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  1. The garage looks like your room right now.

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